Our initiation to graffiti workshops are designed for anyone, with or without any previous experience in art.
Did you ever try to spray paint on the wall? It is much harder than it seems! Mastering the medium takes years of practice, but with the help of our professional artists, you can easily make your first steps.

Who is it for?

Minimum age required for the workshops is 10 years old. Kids under 15 years old must be accompanied by an adult. We organise workshops for private individuals, companies (team-building), schools and associations.


Workshops are available in French and English, any day of the week, according to your request


You would be introduced to the basic styles and graffiti techniques. With the assistance of a true graffiti writer you’ll create your very own piece!


For private groups the prices start at 360 euro for group up to 6 guests. For companies and schools prices may vary depending on the group size and your requirements - please fill in the form below to get a quotation.

What is included ?

Spray Cans (variety of colours) + caps, paper, markers, crayons, etc, artist assistance, legal space to paint, dust masks and gloves


Overalls and shoes protection (+10 euro per pair)
We advise to bring some clothes to change (something you would not mind being covered in spray paint towards the end of all the fun). But if you do not have anything to change – we can buy overalls for you.

Profesional photographer
You may want to keep a souvenir of your unique experience, to show it to your friends and family. If you are interested, we can hire a profesional photographer to capture the best moments of your creative adventure


Please fill in the form below to give us more details about your order