Official Guide to Boulevard Paris 13

Visit adapted for people with reduced mobility

Difficulty of the visit:

Very Easy - 1/5

The largest murals in Paris!

During this walk we will discover the “XXL” frescos executed by the greatest international muralists. This tour focuses on murals made on request of the 13th arrondissement’s city hall and multiple galleries or projects such as Boulevard Paris 13 (Galerie Itinerrance) or Seres Queridos. We will present the works of the most emblematic contemporary artists such as Obey, C215 or Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada.

We will explain the different works and techniques used, as well as the context and reason for the popularity of the neo-muralism movement. We will even talk about the socio-political connections. We will also discuss the history of art and the history of the neighborhood we are in. Let’s discover Paris from a lesser known side.