Frequent live performances during the tour

Tour not adapted for people with reduced mobility​

Difficulty of the tour:

Light - 2/5

The most famous Street Art neighborhood of Paris!

Belleville is the most famous district for Street Art in Paris.

It has been an artists’ destination since the early ’80s. Poor artists were moving here to live in numerous squats that over the years turned into art galleries, studios and art communities. It is a favorite place for many French artists, like Nemo, Jérôme Mesnager or Philippe Herard. And associations, like Art Azoi or Le M.U.R., often bring international artists to the scene.
Artists community makes this area the most vibrant and constantly changing, inviting the locals to participate in many local activities, including not only art-making but also poetry or gardening.

During the tour, an artist, who has more than six years of experience in the topic, will share with you an intimate history of how the neighborhood and its street art came to be as they are today.

You will not only learn about the history of street art in Paris but hopefully, you will start to recognize some of the most active street artists during the rest of your stay in the city.

Since Belleville is the second largest hill in Paris, during this tour we go up to have a wonderful view of the beautiful panorama of the city.

And every Saturday, we will try to finish the tour with a live performance.