Pride month is honoured by street artists all around Paris
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Pride month is honoured by street artists all around Paris

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Since it started, counterculture has always been the essence of street art. Artists take the right to express their thoughts, mostly by showing their disagreement or support to a chosen cause. The fight to assure LGBTQI+ rights is often a motivation, especially during Pride Month. Even though Paris is considered one of the world’s most LGBTQI+ welcoming cities, life can still be challenging if you belong to a more conservative circle. To celebrate diversity, multiple rainbow-coloured artworks appear every year on our streets, especially in June. This year the most impressive work is located on Quai d’Orsay underneath the bridge of Alexandre III.  In order to be seen from the sky, the 150 meters long piece was painted on the floor in front of Rosa Bonheur sur Seine – a popular LGBTQI+ friendly bar and nearby Fluctuart – the first floating urban art center.

Pimax – the main author – is an urban artist and activist from Montreuil known for his iconic red dog called Nourf. Cute and subversive at the same time, Nourf is portrayed while spreading an enormous rainbow with his giant spray can. Other artists were invited to participate: Monsieur Bibi, MG La Bomba, Jo Ber, Zenoy and R.PI. Apart from celebrating pride month, this work was also made to celebrate the comeback of Paris’ nightlife and cultural activities.

A prestigious location for Nourf. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site. @pimaxart

It is also a perfect place to have a drink. @pimaxart

In 2019, a colorful, 360° mural was brought to Le Marais, on 95 rue du Temple. It was a winning project from a public art competition hosted by the City of Paris. Selected out of 720 proposals, UP/SIDE/DOWN/TOWN represents historically famous LGBTQI+ places in the city, some that no longer exist. It also represents the evolution of moral standards accomplished by the LGBTQI+ movements through time. Since this evolution is still ongoing, this artwork is part of the process of spreading tolerance. It was painted by a Copenhagen-based English artist, Daniel van der Noon and curated by The Street Society.

It turned a regular courtyard into a colorful and meaningful masterpiece. It was created by The Street Society and some volunteers. @danielvandernoon

Combo C.K. is another artist who is supportive of LGBTQI+ rights. A lot of his artworks can be categorized as Queer Street Art. As a matter of fact, he is the one who reinterpreted the famous comic Tintin as a gay love story between the titled hero and his co-star Captain Haddock. In July 2018 he unveiled a mural at Rue des Petites Carreaux in the 2ème arrondissement. The two characters share a passionate kiss displayed on a big wall in Paris. Their love is not a secret anymore.

Such artwork has the power to give strength to the LGBTQI+ community. @combo_ck

A member of the LGBTQI+ community, Kashink is the artist and activist who founded the project 50 Cakes of Gay. It all started in 2013 when she painted the first cake on the streets of Paris in support of gay marriage and equal rights. She then continued painting them all over the world. Her artwork is not only aesthetic, but strongly political as well. You can find it all around Paris. Kashink has a vastly extravagant and creative universe. We recommend checking out her incredible talent and following her on Instagram for updates. @kashink1

To create this mural, Kashink was inspired by protests and marches she attended. @kashink1

There are many more artists involved in the LGBTQI+ rights movement, and many more pieces of arts hidden in the streets of Paris. To discover more of them, you can book a tour with us.

 Happy Pride Month!

Written by:

Lola Bikindou

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An event not to be missed : The colors festival is open until June the 30th
By Chloé Kelly Miller @chloekellymiller

An event not to be missed : The colors festival is open until June the 30th

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The colors festival is an art project that will leave you mesmerized. It celebrates artworks from 50 street art artists with their own universe and with different techniques. To name a few, you will find the work of artists like Ardif, Remi Cierco, Sabrina Beretta, Licea, La dactylo, Codex Urbanus

A skull made of bubble. The skull is a very important symbol for artist Temponok.  @tempo_nok

The aim here is to create a place where we can forget about those dark times, but also a place where we can develop a reflection on some social issues. Indeed, thanks to the property developer Novaxia, art took over an unusual place. Ironically, the building is a former business school located in the 11th arrondissement. This collaborative project was initiated by talented and committed urban artist Combo Ck known for sticking the Coexist logo in the streets of Paris, which was originally created by Polish artist Piotr Młodożeniec. The ongoing exhibition is taking two floors, each floor has a specific color which will make your day better in an instant: The 1ft floor has a bubblegum pink theme and the second one is bright yellow as the sun itself. You can choose to do the visit on your own to take a peek at the atmosphere, or you can also go on a tour with a friendly and well-documented guide who will give you exclusive information and details about many artworks. It’s an educational and interactive tour, you can share your thoughts with the guide as well as ask as many questions as you want.  

The first work you will see is a mural painting by artist Anna Conda.

On the 2nd floor. This comic-inspired room comes from the mind of artist Combo Ck. His devotion to LGBTQ+ rights and the feminist movement transpires in his work. @combo_ck

The festival opened on May the 20th and will be closed by June the 30th, so don’t wait any longer to buy a ticket. It’s open from Tuesday to Friday between 1 pm and 6 pm. And on weekends between 11 am to 6 pm. We recommend you to come on weekdays, it would be less crowded. It’s the perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon in June with your friends, kids, family or lover. The perfect place to feel free again by feeling the freedom of art. 

This tropical theme room is a collaboration between two artists : Codex Urbanus and Ardif. This intriguing blue chimera is the work of Codex Urbanus. What animal do you see ?  @codexurbanus

You can book tickets at: 

For more information, check out Instagram:

Written by:

Lola Bikindou

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150 years anniversary of The Bloody Week

150 years anniversary of The Bloody Week

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This year, we are celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune. The moment when an extreme left revolutionary socialist government took control of Paris.

After losing the war with Prussia in 1871, the soldiers of the National Guard returned the French government to Versailles and created their own independent authority from March 18 to May 28, 1871.

During this time, feminist, socialist and anarchist tendencies have played an important role.

Esper HEC

The Communards wanted to establish a very progressive social democracy. Their main goals were to separate church from state, end worker exploitation, cancel rent during the siege, and let employees take over a business abandoned by its owner.

On May 21, the French army entered Paris and what we now call “the bloody week”. The streets of the city flowed in the blood of the Communards. It is believed that over 20,000 people have been killed.

It was the end of the Paris Commune… but nevertheless, until today, its political and social influence is widely debated.

Last week, it was exactly 150 years since Bloody Week… and that is why the Parisian collective “Black Lines” met with Le MUR 93 on Rue de la Fontaine au Roi to pay tribute to their heroes.

One Max

Our friend Sigismond Cassidanius describes this group as follows:

The Black Lines, a Promethean painting of the city

When we mention the Blacks Lines collective, we must summon the tutelary figure of Prometheus and therefore politics. For the titan’s gesture in stealing fire from Zeus to give it to men is comparable to that of the Enlightenment; of enlightenment of consciousness.

The hero confides in humanity, frozen in its prejudices, the light and the warmth that they lacked. He awakens their mentality to the fact that their destiny is gregarious, that unity is strength.

The collective was formed on this pact between painting and political speaking. Since 2016 and their first wall on Ordener Street, the Blacks Lines have tackled the themes of resistance to oppression, ecology, yellow winter, 49.3, La Commune and Palestine most recently.

The collective grew around the founding core, Itvan K. and Lask of the TWE crew. He naturally enriched himself with the members of this team: Kraco, Kwim, Marmz, Zoyer and then Fred Team, Macadam, Tay Aguillar, Hécate, Lomo Zano, Aurélien Ramboz, Paddy, Bricedu, etc.

Raphe HEC


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