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The Urban Art Fair is the first international art fair entirely dedicated to street art.

It was created in 2016 by Yannick Boesso who is now its president. In his own words: “We present
artists above all. Everyone has their own background and techniques. From the moment when we do not show works taken from the street but well produced in the studio, they exist to be shown; whether in a hair salon, gallery, fair or museum.” (quoted from aninterview  for Artsper). And boy, who doesn’t want to show their works in the heart of Paris?

Like every other edition, the 6th will be hosted at Le Carreau du Temple in the Haut-Marais
district. At this location, which is the old center of the former Templars headquarters, there
was also a market dating back to the Middle Ages. Thanks to the City Hall of the 3rd arrondissement and the Paris City Hall, it is now transformed into a large and elegant space open to many programs for emerging creators in the field of arts, fashion and design.

From May 12th until May 15th, around 40 galleries will gather here to share some of the most exciting artworks from all around the world. Representing Paris, we will see, for example: Joël Knafo, PDP, Lezarts urbains, Galerie Mathgoth, Artistik Rezo or Brugier-Rigail.

4000 meters square to fill up. Get ready for a real treat!

Why is this event such a big deal?

Let’s face it, every art movement becomes one once it get its evaluation by the market. Once the artist starts selling their works, it creates a potential for focusing on their art full time. Street art will always be an open platform to express oneself, but it is now also creating opportunities for self-promotion of undiscovered talent.

Not every street artist gets to be presented in an event like this, but the ones that do, have reached their full potential : their art reaches its best quality, and their names are being recognized on the international scene.

For this year’s edition the Urban Art Fair has found many interesting partnerships. You will be able to join a conference about the NFT market, watch a few short films presented by Urban Films Festival, enjoy live painting performances in a much bigger space (than last year) thanks to collaboration with Agnès b. Foundation, as well as book a street art tour with us – Street Art Tour Paris for 20% off (discount comes with a V.I.P ticket).

We are so pleased to be a part of this year’s fair: we will be present to document the opening, so follow us on social media if you want to get our newest updates.

And who knows, maybe we’ll see you there?

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