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Hyuro – Tamara Djurovic – was one of the most celebrated female muralists of our generation. She was an activist for women rights, including legalizing abortion and fighting against sexual abuse.  Originally from Argentina, she settled in Valencia, Spain and from there she has travelled around the world creating extraordinary works of art.

She was invited to paint in Paris in spring 2021, but in the meantime was diagnosed with leukaemia and passed away in November 2020. Her dear friends Escif and Axel Void decided to create a mural in her honour and realized the work in Belleville according to her design. You can now see it on 7 rue Desargues. It is a picture of a female conductor standing on the pillar, with her back turned to the viewer. A powerful and thought-provoking image about how in many cases women remain faceless in our history.

I sure hope it won’t be the case for Hyuro herself, please share this post around and let’s all appreciate her amazing input into urban art. 

Written by : Kasia Klon 

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