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As Valentine’s Day approaches, Street Art Tour Paris’ team has been sifting through its photo archives and scouring the profiles of Street Art’s best hunters to offer you a selection of works made in the streets of Paris on the theme of love.

Artist : Clément Hermann, Belleville, XXe arrondissement © IG : Clement.Herrmann

With this mixed technique, Clément Herrmann gives us his interpretation of the famous sculpture Psyché revived by the kiss of Love created by the neoclassical sculptor Antonio Canova.

Artists : collectif Le MOUVEMENT, Paris © IG: lecahierdelola

Have you ever come across these couples sheltered by an umbrella? It is the project of the artists collective Le MOUVEMENT which takes pictures of passers-by in the streets of Paris, places them under an umbrella and then produces these magnificent collages. Who knows, maybe you could also become a work of street art?!

Artist : 13bis, XXe arrondissement © IG: uranie94

With the artist 13bis, if the couple does not respect the social distancing imposed during the Covid-19 epidemic, the lovers kiss while still keeping their masks! A promise to always keep your head in the stars. 

Artists : Tito and Mulk, Le Marais, IVe arrondissement © IG : bobroy20

In Le Marais, you can admire the mural with the pink background of Tito and Mulk who offer us a sensual kiss between two women. Artists advocate pride, the singularity of each person and the freedom to love whoever one wishes with the phrase «Love is not a crime».

But what do we see below the woman’s ear on the left? The heart representing a kissing couple is a reference to the work of the artist HeartCraft!

Artists : LetteringCreatif & HeartCraft, 2-8 rue Androuet XVIIIe arrondissement © Marie le Palec

The collaborative fresco of LetteringCreatif and HeartCraft, whose kiss in the heart held by the woman, quotes the young poet Amanda Gorman: There is always light. If only we are brave enough to see it, if only we are brave enough to be.”

Artists : Tegmo & HeartCraft, Paris © IG: choukita34

If you live in or have ever visited Paris, you have undoubtedly already come across the romantic stencils “I love you everywhere” by Tegmo and “Love in power” by HeartCraft. And it’s not ©choukita34‘s little dog who will tell us otherwise.

Artist : Jouliet Hearts, Cité de la Mairie, XVIIIe arrondissement ©Marie le Palec

Montmartre is undoubtedly one of the most romantic neighborhoods of the French capital. If you stroll around the area with your other half, don’t forget to go to Cité de la Mairie, not far from the Place des Abbesses and the I Love You Wall to enjoy Jouliet Hearts’ mural.

Artist : ITSALIVING, XIIIe arrondissement © IG: 3m__street

Let’s finish with the colorful words “To live And love” by artist ITSALIVING which stand out on a blue background like neon lighting that evokes the 90s. An invitation to return to essential activities.

On this urban poetry, whether you are alone or accompanied, the Street Art Tour Paris’ team wishes happy Valentine’s Day to all.