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On 24th of February Putin declared war on Ukraine. This horrifying decision shook the entire

Artists are calling for peace using social media and their local streets. Some are getting back into their archives and posting the pictures of the walls they have painted when they visited Ukraine in the past. All in solidarity with the country that is under the attack of a power craving tyran. Many artists are comparing Putin to Trump or even Hitler, some are painting doves and symbols of peace.

Here is my selection of some most interesting pieces commenting on this crisis.

1. Obey

The Giant strikes again with a similar image he used a couple times before. French recognise this woman as Marianne, the symbol of the Republic, that decorates the wall in 13th arrondissement (we can see it during our murals xxl tour). Some remember it from the time after the terrorist attack at Charlie Hebdo. “Make art not War” says the poster, this time on the foreground of blue and yellow – the colors of Ukraine’s flag. The woman, who represents an allegory of democracy and in this case Ukrainian independence, shares one blue tear.

2. Seth

The Globepainter first posted a memory from Kiev – a beautiful mural he painted there in 2015. But he didn’t stop there. The weekend between 26-27th of February, he visited the area of Butte-aux-Cailles (where we take you during the Feminist Street Art tour) to paint a little girl caring a flower garland on her head and a massive Ukraninan flag in her hands, while proudly crushing the tiny Russian tanks under her fit.

3. Ardif

A French artist known for his mecha-animals, created a mecha-dove. Part a piece-bringing-symbol and part a weapon. If the Russian army stops the fight – there will be no war. If Ukraine stops the fight – there will be no Ukraine. The later has no choice but to resist.

4. Shamsia

Hassani, the first Afghan female street artist, has been creating art against war since the beginning of their career. On February 24th she made a special dedication to the people of Ukraine:

No one can describe the moment when the world suddenly collapses on you.

Ukraine, I feel your pain, I am also hit hard by the war. I feel the pain of your displaced and homeless people. I feel the pain of your children. I am sorry for what your people have lost and are about to lose. I am sorry that you are experiencing war and the endless pain that comes with it.
When I hear the word War I tremble. One cannot describe the word War. I understand the current state of the Ukrainian people very well, I see myself among them. Escape, fear, displacement, hopelessness…
The loss of peace and short beautiful moments of life cannot be explained when suddenly your world is destroyed and taken from you.

For years, the word “War” has filled moments of my life. For years, I and my people have experienced the loss of friends, family and loved ones. We have experienced losing our homes and our homeland. We have felt the pain of migration, the loss of home, family and our homeland. The good days that we hoped for, never came.
Our beautiful past memories that will never come back, but will haunt our present forever.

5. Dotmasters

Is proposing a “do it yourself” project. He has designed a stencil you can use in order to personalize your local dog poo tin with a face of Putin with Hitler’s hair style and the iconic mustache.

The image goes with the “put in” words you can add on top of the “dog waste only” sign.

And here are some more memorable mentions:

If you see an interesting piece in your town, or just by scrolling through your instafeed – please share it ! I’d be happy to add it to the post.